Vagina Vibrators


About the product

 Made of medical grade silicone and ABS material with FDA certifaction, safe, skin-friendly,non-poisonous and

 phthalate free.

 Abby is a female vibrator to explore vagina .It can please the labia , clitoris, G-spot and hot spot.

 8+6 different vibration modes with 3 motors delight the erogenous zones. It can massage labia or tickle nipples,

 including other erogenous zones in our body

 It can meet you different sexual appetites. So the man can use it to tease female sensitive zones in foreplay.

 The efficient power can be last about 2 hours,USB wire included



Product description

Vagina Vibrator to stimulate G-spot and Clitoris, Labia
 Name: Abby
 Material: ABS, Medical Silicone
 Color: Red
 Battery: Lithium Battery
 Voltage of:800mAh
 Noise:Max50 dB

 1. 3 motors with 8+6 vibration modes, it can please from female clitoris, labia, G-spot and A-spot to get the pleasured orgasm. 
 2. The insertable part can even target you’re a-spot.

Packaging Including:
 1x vibrator
 1x USB wire
 1x recyclable bag
 1x instructions
 1x Warranty Card
 1x Product Brochure

Use Instructions
 1. Please relax before using, and apply some lubrication for better stimulation

 2. To ensure that you and your partner feel comfortable,we suggest to begin with gentle mode.

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