Vagina Vibrators


About the product

·  Made of body-safe silicone material and ABS plastic, non-poisonous and phthalate free.

·  The idea of flexible tongue design comes out according to sexologists at the Masters & Johnson institute. 

   Cunnilingus is the most reliable route to orgasm for 80% of women, and stimulate the erogenous zones 

   for woman

·  23.5 degree curve can directly touch sensitive zone in female vagina. It is a multifunctional product to please

   labia, clitoris,nipples and so on

·  8 vibrating modes pleases all your sensitive zones and give different vibration feeling

·  The great gift for woman and couple. The efficient power can be last about 2 hours,USB wire included

Product description

Clitorial vibrator and G-spot Massager 
Name: Kaly
Material: ABS, Medical Silicone
Color: Red
Battery: Lithium Battery
Noise:Max45 dB

1.According to sexologists at the Masters & Johnson Institute, cunnilingus is the most reliable route to orgasm for 80% of women, and stimulate the erogenous zones for woman. 
2. Tickle the female clitoris and labia to get the orgasm at the same time.
3. One motor can bring yourself to orgasm by stimulating your penis or clitoris (8 vibration modes)
4.USB charging on computer or mobile plug.

Packaging Including:
1x vibrator
1x USB wire
1x recyclable bag
1x instructions
1x Warranty Card
1x Product Brochure

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