Cock Rings


About the product

·  Medical grade silicone delayed ring.It is designed to prolong the climax and control premature ejaculation

·  Ergonomics design.It works by trapping blood flow out of the penis and cock, and keeping it firm to get more

   extra stimulation. Great for various of sexual scenarios

   Using it can experienced a slightly longer, more intense orgasm for your partner.effectively improves the

   phenomenon of premature ejaculation

   Smooth and silky black silicone penis ring can get harder erection pleasure

   Extend sexual pleasure, prolong and delay ejaculation while experiencing 

   prostate stimulation, pure silicone, latex free,

   phthalate free, Great for all size men and beginners to advance

Product description

Cock ring for delaying ejaculation and massaging penis and woman clitoris
Color: Black
Size: 85mm*50mm 
Phthalate Free
This silky silicone rings gives guys a longer-lasting, harder erection. By restricting the blood flow to the penis, it can enhance sensitivity and increase pleasure for both partner. Simply slide the top ring over an erect penis to make it at the base, then stretch the base ring behind the 2 testicles. The base ring holds the testicles down and keeps the testes from contracting thus slowing down ejaculation. The FUN-MATES Cock-Ball Ring is also body-safe, and perfect for couples. 

Use Instructions
1. Please relax before using, and apply some lubrication for better stimulation

FUN-MATES is an adult toy brand and we have our own factory. So we promise to research and develop high quality products with reasonable prices to make you satisfied. We make every effort to provide a high level of service. Please contact our customer service should you have any questions.


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